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mno's Week of Games Pack

Hi, mno here. I spent a week making a game every day, with a self-imposed time limit of one hour per game. Here are the results!!

Because of how many games there are here, for once, I'm not going to write microfiction justifying the existence of any of them. You'll just have to use your imagination, okay? Five of the games are made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5, and should be compatible with non-Windows OS's by running it in WINE. The other two are made in Twine 1/2, and so should be compatible with any browser.

The cover art is based on the art for "Pac-Pack" by Astral Entertainment. Detailed credits for each game are available in the "" file contained in the zip.

Also, if you're interested, I made a blog post talking about my experiences with this week long experiment!

PS. Sometimes I broke my rule of making the game in only one hour, but for good reasons only!

Monday: "Monday"

Made in Twine 2. 10-15 minutes of reading. Perfect for fans of newspaper comics.

A Choose Your Own Adventure story starring a particular popular property... Click on blue words to read more details, or to move on to the next passage. It features six endings, can you find them all? Two of them occur before the Chapter 2 split, hopefully that's not annoying.

Tuesday: "Tuesday"

Made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5. 1 to 5 minutes long. Features a re-arrangement of Spoonman by Underworld.

Can you find Tuesday, before time runs out?! Hold W or up arrow to accelerate, and hold S or down arrow to decelerate. Press A/D or left/right arrows to turn left and right. Press the spacebar to search the current area you are in.

Wednesday: "Cycle The Recycling!"

Made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5. 0 minutes long. Contains valuable life lessons.

Inspired by my experiences with recycling, Dracula's Condemned Castle by Gisbrecht, and Taco Tom by Tin, in this game you will uh... do nothing, other than press Escape to quit, because I ran out of time! if you want though, you can watch recycling fall down and hope it lands into the right collection bins.

Thursday: "Help Nikki Shave"

Made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5. 1 minute long. My most personal game ever.

Based on the negative experiences and dysphoria I've had from shaving my facial hair, I decided to try to process that by making a game about it. Control the electric razor with the mouse. You can press Escape to quit early. By the way, my pronouns are she/her so don't get it wrong.

Friday: "A Conversation"

Made in Twine 1. No estimate of length. After this, you won't need anything else to write a story!

Simulate a conversation between two characters of your own creation! Type things into the little textboxes based on the prompts, and after things have started, you can click the blue lines of text to add more lines, or end the conversation and see the whole thing in a natural form.

Saturday: "Frogger 2 Advanced: The Greater Quest"

Made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5. 3-15 minutes long. The greatest slippery platforming mechanics ever.

In this simulated GBA port of a non-existent sequel to Frogger: The Great Quest, you need to uh... Become a videogame?? Press any key to advance menus. Move with the arrow keys, press spacebar to jump, and press Escape to quit (after the splash screen).

Sunday: "You Can Only Shy 80 Times"

Made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5. 2-5 minutes long I guess. Stars a talking chair, who is you.

This is a parody-in-title of another game I helped make, You Can Only Die 80 Times. Press any key to greet animals and friends passing you by, and press Escape to quit when you want. There is no ending to the game, it goes on forever.

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I played all of these, I

I played all of these, I think my favorite is Frogger 2 because of the music in the 2nd screen, and using cutscene screens in the background.

All these klickteam sprites and backgrounds look so familiar, they're like old friends

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thanks for checking them all

thanks for checking them all out!

I've also become very attached to all the different klipart, each one has a kind of history in my mind based on how I've used them and how I've seen other people use them. it's like some kind of communal characterization, where we all come together to decide what each sprite and backdrop *means*. after realizing and typing that I feel like my appreciation for GT has increased!

I enjoyed all the games.

I enjoyed all the games. It's fun to watch them like screen savers. There's something mesmerizing about just watching these things. The shy 80 game was fun to watch, and the music made me want to sit there watching the characters float past. same kind of thing with the recycling game. The frogger game may have been most annoying to play but still was surprisingly enjoyable hahahaha. Thanks for the games. I created a nice story in A Conversation, I hope you like it.

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I was thinking about

I was thinking about screensavers while making some of them! I kind of want to try starting with that intent some time. I remember fondly the 3D maze screensavers I saw growing up. I think there's something fascinating about a game that doesn't take input, but still puts on a performance. on the one hand it feels like such a thing would be quickly denounced as a "non-game" in a negative way (not by people who are already here, of course), but I like to question the role of player agency and I think it's valuable to explore.

I barely changed the frogger physics from the default settings because I found it to be at a great ratio of funny/antagonizing. it feels good to have finally made one of those infamous trainwreck platformers! and your welcome for the games, I'm glad you enjoyed them.

I like your story, thanks for sharing it!

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I really liked all of these. I played them a bit ago, but I think one or two of them didn't work on mac, so I didn't comment and I haven't been around a PC to play them for a bit. I was really really into "You Can Only Shy 80 Times" I like the idea of having it just run as a screen saver or something like that. Very Klik. Also curious, do you have like all the knp assets save into a clickteam project or something? Super good idea. I also really enjoyed the gimmick of "A Conversation". I was surprised that I don't think I've seen that before. I'm excited to play the rest and feel inspired to make shorter games now. @_@

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Thanks for playing! I don't

Thanks for playing! I don't have easy access to testing things on a mac, unfortunately... I really should be doing more testing in WINE on at least Linux! You Can Only Shy 80 Times is my personal favourite, and yes I love the screen saver feeling. I want to pursue that further some time.

I don't have all the knp assets in one file, but I did port the individual asset files into MMF2+ readable formats! Y'all can download it from here, it includes TGF1 as well:

I'm glad you liked A Conversation so much, I've been worried it might seem cheap to some people. And I'm also glad to help inspire your own game development!