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Purple armor man is tasked with killing a dragon!!! Kill shit and go in portals until you are tough enough and there is also a dragon there at the time and then you win

I know grinding is a game design crutch but you can beat this in like two minutes, also I cared about getting the randomization right and forcing the player to reinitialize the map as a routine part of gameplay more than i cared about the game being good

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Klik of the Month Klub #33 (Mar 2010)


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I know it probably wasn't

I know it probably wasn't intentional, but the luck-pushing mechanic of the early game is an interesting concept I've been meaning to play with a bit more. (Not that there's an incentive to push your luck, but I played it that way until I realised otherwise.)

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The fights get kind of wonky

The fights get kind of wonky when I hit negative Slowness.