Rings of Saturn

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RINGS OF SATURN, a quick score attack game made with CT Fusion and playable in nearly any browser.

The object of the game is to collect 20 rings, which frequently appear when you blow up space rocks. You can also collect space gemstones, which increase your score. The faster you collect all 20 rings, the higher your final score. Be as quick as you can, because the bonus timer is always ticking down...!


  • When prompted, you can press the R KEY to start/restart the game.

Try for a high score. Enjoy!

Game and some graphics by me. Made in Clickteam Fusion Dev Edition.
Other graphics by Clickteam.
Sound effects made with the LabChirp tool.
Background music from the playonloop.com website.

OTHER NOTES: I've been experimenting with the built-in physics tools for Clickteam Fusion lately, and this is another short project. The saucer's movement is the only one I've been fiddling with in terms of physics here, as well as the positioning of the targeting reticule. The shield that appears around the ship is an artifact left over from some other ideas I had for the game. It's not particularly useful, but it looked nice so I left it in.

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Score: 10522

I had some trouble playing with a controller. One would only detect the analog stick while another didn't respond at all. I ended up just playing with a keyboard. The ship felt incredibly heavy to move, like I was trying to move a boulder around on a frozen lake. I found the best way to play was to use very small movements and try to stay near the center of the screen to make chasing rings easier when they did appear. The way the shield interacted with the boulders kind of quirky. Dunno what a good score is but I'm happy with what I got.