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what if one day u woke up in BUBBO LAND? what would you do??? where would u go??? the possibilities are endless!


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I would no longer worry

I would no longer worry about food (in BUBBO land it appears that one does not need to 'eat'!?). I would visit Binky and learn what their home is like. I would gather materials by hand and build my own cottage. I would tend crops and wish to create a Computer so that I could send emails back home.

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Food & Entertainment

I'd also think about food. If it existed, I'd stop by some kind of all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant and eat my fill. Then I would either go to a water park or the seashore. If I was feeling tender-hearted, I'd visit a pig- or donkey-rescue and help care for the animals.

If I needed to make money, I'd work at a bicycle shop as a mechanic.