FlickGame: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Construction Kit

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THE PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICH CONSTRUCTION KIT... In which there are several ways to mess up the process of making a PBJ. Suitable as a visual instruction manual.

This is an idea that originally came to me during the One Hour Game Jam for the theme, Put It Together, but I haven't hadn't the time to do it until now. Enjoy!

I used rhetoricstu's flickgame mod to make this, so I could have the perrrrrrrrrrfectly-shaped plate I always wanted.

ALSO: This game needs some love, so I moved it to Potluck Party 2019.

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Delightful! Bug report: If I

Bug report: If I click Bread -> Jelly -> Peanut Butter, I am given the option to ruin the sandwich by adding more Peanut Butter or Jelly. However, if I click Bread -> Peanut Butter -> Jelly, the only option available to me is to complete the sandwich.

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Thanks for the report, SpindleyQ! My sandwich instruction manual must be flawlessly accurate.

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Hooray! This sandwich is

Hooray! This sandwich is terrible!

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I can

I can basically die happy now that I've played this game.

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I aim to please. :)


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I don't like peanut butter

I don't like peanut butter so I will treat the plain bread mystery ending as canonical.

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What is winning?

I like the idea of whatever you like as the ending is the ending of a game. Like, not playing Shadow of the Colossus is the canonical good ending.

I'll eat my PB&Bug sandwich :-)

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i made a bread sandwich!!!

i made a bread sandwich!!!

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My knowledge on foods

My knowledge on foods unknown to me has grown as a result of this game.

I like the implied chaotic madness of the "wrong" combination sandwiches. :3