Into The Jaws: A Response (AKA "Mega")

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so let's say you "PLAY GAMES", you "EAT MECHANICS" fopr breakfast and I don't mean the kind that work on your cars!! ps. don't give them your car keys otherwise they are legally legible to steal your car for lunch. anyhow

so let's say you "PLAY GAMES", you "LOVE GAMEFEEL", like the velvet pouches that infocom games used to come in. did you know all the cool things about infocom were inveted retroactively by an advertising company that knew nothing about video games? talk about a freaking rip off.

so let's say you "PLAY GAMES", you "NEED TIME", as bady as a clock maker in a prison tower does. aaaauugh let me out I'm sick of making clocks, if only I had more time.... not! wait I mean you do need time. whatever

so let's say you do all of these. maybe you saw the 20 RPG mechanical game collection "BEAT TAPE (2019)" by user @jrpgcombatsystems . let's take a look: [a href=""]{/a]

so let's say you play this first. or don't. or play it after. or don't. no you should play it. anyways.

so let's say you don't have time to play ALL 20 COMBAT SYSTEMS in ONE SITTING but you NEED TO EXPERIENCE THEM. Well budy, buddy, budddy, do I have the solutio nfor you. rGith here. AGuh. Right here. I call it MEGA. or Mega. Or "Mega". Or whatever.

so let's say you download it. play it. here's what you need to know: further instructions in game. okay. fine. but what makes it new? well I put together ther 12 of the 20 COMBAT SYSTEMS that were made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Great, anybody could do that though, as long as we assume everybody has Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Great. Okay.

so let's say everybody made their own version of Mega. So who cares? I do. Because this is my version. Only I could have made this, even though I actually didn't make most of it. Shout outs to the list of credits for the jrpgcombatsystems Beat Tape (2019), which I'll re-iterate: "produced by BEN (2), BLA, DEN, FF1, J J, 000, and 888". thank you. thank you for making these, and for letting me make this. also I'm sorry. okay.

so shut upppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp whatever. in this game, Mega, you get to play 12 games at once but here's the thing. there's only one thing, and it's in multiple parts. 1-A) there are an infinite number of possible games, but the difference doesn't matter so let's just say there's 1.2 games. 1-B) RPGs are hard. what if it scaled down the difficulty so it got easier over time? Mega does that. Other RPGs don't, and they also cost money. 1-C) sound design. sound scape. sound panarama. sound canal. sound waves. we got it. I'm trying really ... to stop tpying.

EDIT: so I forgot to add credits so here they are
- combat systems designed by the folks in the jrpgcombatsystems project
- grfx from Super Mario World, Clickteam, uh the slime looks like it's from dragon quest, idk
- sfx from Clickteam, 40 Winks, Doom 64, Glover, Book of Watermarks, Gauntlet, Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge, Kirby 64, San Francisco Rush 2049, San Francisco Rush Extreme Racing, Speak n Spell, Vintage Sound Effects packs by freesound user craigsmith

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Very good.

Very good.

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thank u I stopped being able

thank u I stopped being able to tell the difference between interesting choices and ignoring conscious thought while making this last night so I am glad somebody liked it

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This is super good, I liked it a lot. I also love when you can sorta get some sections of the games to work. When you can get the little space ships to start killing each other it feels great.

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thanks! and yeah it feels

thanks! and yeah it feels like an achievement because of how dang broken everything is lol. I'd kind of like to see a take on this that makes everything more compatible, instead of overwriting everything (and furthermore I intentionally have the game randomly break).

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Harsh Noise given game form

Harsh Noise given game form

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I want to make a more direct

I want to make a more direct harsh noise game now!!