zine for winter/spring

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for a year now, i've been recommending games and other media(most recent example here link

so, for the winter season (dec 21-mar 20) i'm basically doing a review of the stuff i want to recommend from the season, just like how magazines or websites do a year-in-review thing. since we've just started spring, i'm also doing a 'preview' of spring, whatever that means.

so this is here to see if anybody wants to contribute anything to it.

for more context, here's what i think i will be putting in:
-some select recommendations, basically the things i recommend the most. probably separated into games / music / books
-a complete list of the games / music / books i consumed and still recommend
-there are some games/music/books i will only play in winter, regardless if they take place in winter or not. i will talk about that
-same as above, but for spring
-some art i made, maybe
-maybe a list of ideas
-maybe a personal essay or something

it can be anything, really, though i'd prefer it to be safe for work. i want to be able to show this to my mom basically.
if you want to contribute but don't know what, maybe make a list of your favourite games you only play in winter and/or spring? or maybe i'm the only one who makes those self-restrictions? lol
so you can send me stuff and i can put it in, or you can even create and design your own page and i'll put it in.

although i have no plans to print this, i will be creating this @ 300dpi. rgb colourspace. and us letter size (8.5" x 11"). just in case someone wants to print it. i'm using indesign cs6 for now.

since i'm using other people's work, i'm not going to monetize it, it's all for fun and for the purpose of getting really cool stuff out there!

would be great to have everything by wed mar 27, hopefully this will be done by mar 30.


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Would a Korean Drama I am

Would a Korean Drama I am glad I watched and some commentary about why, be a good submission?

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How might someone based in

How might someone based in the southern hemisphere contribute?

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you can submit something to oliverblueberry at gmail dot com

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I missed this reply earlier,

I missed this reply earlier, but I meant the seasons are reversed for me.

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I think I missed the

I think I missed the deadline.
It wasn't Winter/Spring specific and I still haven't written it so I'll possibly still write it and then figure out how to publish it.

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chase scene

i haven't even started it yet lol
i'm gonna try for this next week