A Muddle Of Mice

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A Muddle of Mice
A Puddle of Price
What lay within labyrinthe?

A small game made with the mouse pack assets. You can still use them if you want, Even after the jam? Don't worry, my other mouse game will come eventually!

Click on Maze A or Maze B to begin.

Try to find your way out of each respective maze.


W - Forward
A - Rotate Left
D - Rotate Right
S - Backwards (Slower!)
R - Toggle Automove
E - Toggle Camera Rotation (It can get dizzy)
1 through 6 - Change Mouse Costume


Art by MarikenG
Music by MarikenG
Sound Effects from 3D Movie Maker and Roblox

Hope you enjoy!

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An event


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i like how you can keep

i like how you can keep moving backwards from the end of the maze to trigger the victory sound clip. i have won the maze hundreds of times.

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Ta Dah! Ta Dah! Ta Dah!

Ta Dah! Ta Dah! Ta Dah!

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a cuddle of dice

this is a good showcase of what I like to call "mouse technology"tm. feel free to copyright that one. I forget where the mouse pack is but this is a good preview of it. the different mouse colours are cute, I tried to find one that best suited each maze.

I quit on maze B because I saw the exit multiple times but it seemed to be impossible to reach to? and I had had enough of the wandering around and rotating for one day... I think your games would benefit from a quit button, I am very used to it as a convenience feature. I would appreciate being able to hold escape for a second or two to exit the game, instead of having to press the tiny red x button that so often eludes me.