Girls World


Becames a girl

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wonderful game

wonderful game

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Wow, great ending. This

Wow, great ending. This makes me want to see more world building sorta stuff in your games, I really dig this.


Thanks! I feel unconfident about my storytelling skills generally so I'm curious what you liked about the worldbuilding in this, I feel like whatever it was was probably unintentional & just a result of weird stream-of-consciousness stuff....

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oh yeah, this is great - i

oh yeah, this is great - i was totally satisfied when i started, hit right, died, started again, hit up, died, then gave up for a few moments. I was like "what a great metaphor" haha then i tried again and saw the rest. I was interested in the dialogue - I think a lot about the RPG hellworld, where the very landscape is designed to kill you (it's your destiny) within a queer lens - it works well within a "girls world" context! I will remember this deeply : )

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girl sword

girl sword