Media Intervention (RPG Maker)

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For: A MAZE. presents Stoner Games Game Jam

Four game-event expectations are disrupted, lol.

Things Sampled:
Super Mario Bros 3, 'Debaser' by the Pixies,
interview with Gregory Markopoulos via Mekas

Made For: 
An event


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It's a me

Unsure if this game has an ending? This game has a lot of real unique qualities to it. I like that looping guitar riff that plays over and over again. It feels like that whole section of the game is like one of those transitional parts of a young adult sitcom. The Mario Bros 3 part kinda broke my brain for a second when I started moving around

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Thanks for playing ~ there's

Thanks for playing ~ there's no ending because I wanted the game to be the kind of game that could be left on all day somewhere and picked up and played. So it's all loops ₪

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Before consoles assumed

Before consoles assumed online connectivity, Playstation Magazine would include a game-demo disc. This is what I fantasize would happen if you put one in that was all scratched up instead of just not working.

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a very nice comment < 3

a very nice comment < 3

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I was crying laughing at the

I was crying laughing at the smb3 scene, it's perfect. idk the original song that plays in the 'overworld', but I love how it's been crushed into just endless guitar sweeps. I really like the distorted grfx too!