Soul Eater

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SOUL EATER, my version of Snake, but in the dark, and kinda spooky. Now updated to version 1.1, to help low-spec machines play better.

I took the engine I created for my 1HGJ game Night Train and updated the artwork, sound, and some in-game mechanics. I'm much happier with this result. It's just a bit late for Halloween, though (or early, depending on when you read this).

OBJECT: Eat as many souls as possible before they escape Purgatory. As you eat more, you grow stronger, and longer. Avoid the various obstacles and don't eat your own tail.

ENTER KEY: Start/restart the game.
ARROW KEYS: Move your demon through the Purgatory arena.
ESCAPE: Return to main menu, exit the game.


Graphics and event coding by me, in Clickteam Fusion.
Background music by DST/Diseased Superior Technician, from the website.
Sound effects made with the Lab Chirp tool from the website.

Made For: 
An event


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These souls are tastey!!!

These souls are tastey!!!

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Art Guidance

For a second there I thought your link was going to direct me to some art tips for drawing skulls. :)

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I just thought it was cool

I just thought it was cool that your mechanics complement the nature of predators. I enjoyed playing this while listening do Danzig's "Am I Demon?" And thinking about how in snake-style games, one can't think too much about the history of one's predation, but it will often create more difficult circumstances to navigate within.

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I've often wanted to make a game inspired by "Evil Thing," off that same album. Don't know how graphic and violent I'd want to be, though. Maybe I could stick with the borderline-cartoony, demonic vibe, like something from the Disney version of "Night on Bald Mountain" from Fantasia... Maybe mixed with the Japanese platformer, "King of Demons." Lots of eyeballs, lizard-skinned beings, weird things flying around... Maybe just expand on the universe of this game one day in some off-the-wall, cartoon-demon direction.

Meanwhile: just the fact you mentioned Danzig unsolicited along with a game I've made just makes my day. :)

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what tense action! the

what tense action! the "headlight" mechanic is such a good twist on Snake, along with the other changes. I like how the darkness is actually partially translucent, so souls can be spotted juust a little bit.

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Very Cool

So happy to hear that people are playing this and enjoying what it has to offer. :)

Thanks for the kudos, mno. :D

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Current Top Score, Sound Issues


I have some optimization issues to work out, which are blatant when scores reach this stage. Most disappointing is that whenever the music file loops, the game stutters, and the player can end up bashing into a wall or obstacle while the game plays catch-up with itself.

Anyone familiar with Clickteam Fusion who has a suggestion to remedy this? I'm using a WAV file, but can change to other formats if this would help.

Any other ideas as to what might be causing this kind of issue?