baba is you


Bitsy version of the classic puzzle game "Baba is You".

Made For: 
An event


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poor keke ;-; also I started

poor keke ;-; also I started wondering how valid this is for the original game, but I'm overthinking it lol

Oh yeah, "wall is sink"

Oh yeah, "wall is sink" should affect Baba as well as rocks... whoops! Or maybe not if "wall is stop" is in play? I don't remember....

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Dialogue renders this

Dialogue renders this premise horrifying!

EDIT: OH GOD, dialogue I missed the first time around gives the impression the game remembers what I did!

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I didn't really consider

I didn't really consider this when playing the original game, but yeah, that's totally horrifying !

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I listen to computer-game

I listen to computer-game podcasts and read the internet. I've heard of this game and have no interest in playing it, but I enjoy this critique.

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i... how... this is

i... how... this is witchcraft