Orange you glad I didn't throw banana?

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Made for 1HGJ #206: Banana

Toss the orange as far as you can! Use the left and right arrow keys to control the banana.

The banana, orange, and background graphics were downloaded from Pixabay.

Made For: 
An event


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This is a pretty good QWOP.

This is a pretty good QWOP. It reminds me of Olympic Games computer games from the Apple IIgs era. It took me a while to realize that the starting line has no meaning whatsoever.

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I kind of, uh, hit it in

I kind of, uh, hit it in midair just right and launched it so far that it went into an infinite black void? 468 inches and still going....

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Sylvie = Playtester

Sylvie, I'm convinced you have a knack for this kind of thing. :)

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Thanks for the pro-tip.

Thanks for the pro-tip.

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Yeah, there's a way to hit

Yeah, there's a way to hit the orange that knocks it out of the game area pretty consistently. My best score is 863.96 inches. Maybe at some point I'll make an updated version that extends the game area out forever.

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I'm kinda interested in

I'm kinda interested in getting the maximum score that hits the floor.

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Managed to get 1176.21

Managed to get 1176.21 inches!

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What a delightful physics

What a delightful physics game...

I got 43.16 inches after some effort.

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I love these kinds of games.

I love these kinds of games. Haven't managed to get the orange further than 25 inches yet, though. I can't help but think that this concept would also work well as a volleyball game.

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The title of this game is so

The title of this game is so good!