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Dialogue Meets Time Limit

Made it through one set of dialogue, and I'm glad I went back for the second.

This is a fine collection of elements you combined in this one.

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:o thanks!

:o thanks!

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It is near impossible for me

It is near impossible for me to not look at this as a tech-demo because I like the video/3rd-person-controller form demonstrated so much; I want to do this (but probably never will). In a way, it would be nice if tons of these existed so I could think of the particular decisions made here rather than being distracted by how clever the trick is.

But all that was really required was to play it multiple times.
I've been thinking a lot lately about the idea of hidden-information in games. A simple example would be a phone-number that pops up if you complete a difficult challenge. But in context of trainwrecks in 2019, it feels like any information inside an executable is somewhat hidden, but widely discoverable in theory if something goes viral. It's somewhat fascinating to me as a motivational context when making games; this idea that I can be personal, but if I put it in a game I will fear fame.

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thanks for playing clyde! you are always so thoughtful!

yes i also think it would be nice if tons of these existed, and its weird that they don't. i also want to do it more but possibly never will. shoot me a message if you want the scripts and stuff that i used! mostly stuff that i found online.
i had the same feeling trying not to see it a tech-demo, but if it is that it's ok too.

that second paragraph seems like an interesting thought but i don't understand it.

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This is incredible?? I

This is incredible?? I really enjoyed reading, though now I have to at least think about whether just commenting here is facilitating some kind of insufficiently deep relationship. Also, is there anything around that can help?

I'm blown away by just how good the visual aesthetic is. Especially since, as far as I can tell, it's comprised of found footage and asset store-type material, including some kind of farcically horny elf protagonist. It all works really well together. I like how both the title screen and the main setting eventually turn red.

If I post this on freeindiega.me, would you prefer I attribute it to zka, or karen-k, or Karen Kobezka, or maybe just karen? I hope I haven't committed a faux pas by listing so many monikers in one publicly-searchable block of text.

Oh also, on itch there are no symbols differentiating the Windows & Mac versions, might be good to add those!

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haha thanks and thanks for

haha thanks and thanks for the comment

um just karen i guess

yes, might be.... :)

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Wow, such a cool visual trick. I like the idea of a full "AAA" game in this sort of style. I also really dig the fractured nature of the text mixed with the 3D character and the film elements. Somehow it all folds together in a really great way, feels like an idea of the future or the present as future

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thanks for comment, i like

thanks for comment, i like that idea too.

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I really like this. It's so

I really like this. It's so personal but also so strangely dense. V sbhaq gur cvpxhc guvat va gur pbeare ohg V pbhyqa'g frrz gb qb nalguvat jvgu vg?

It's fascinating to me to see the long term development of the game be reflected in the experience of the game itself. I have had thoughts about this but I guess I have closed myself off from doing it so bluntly and directly, for no particular reason. I feel egotistic that a lot of my thoughts are "hm this is different from how I think about games, but I like that", but I figure I might as well say it. The ending of the time limit especially is powerful, it really makes you clock in that it's about to go away. If I made this game I probably would have made it be a gradual effect over the entire course of 2m25s, but frankly I think that would be weaker cause it's less jarring!

Every element feels like a completely different form of an author/person that has been distorted, and them put together in a way such that the primary relation of the elements is the fact that they have been distorted.

A) author's intent message which comes through painful processing wrt depression and shit, and also a kind of confusion of how to say what they want to say. We see a real person through a shroud.
B) 3d fixed camera game world but your freedom of existence is meaningless and is not visually mapped 'correctly', and also you are forced to be an avatar that looks like a free asset store model made by an aggressively horny guy. We see an incredibly fake person that exists for a fantasy.
C) found footage(?) background/foreground/world/idk that may be spliced from a longer moment with more meaning but in this slice has little motion to draw meaning from. We see real people who are disconnected from the experience.
D) a soundtrack that has been so time-stretched the main defining characteristic is a lack of recognizability, the original song could have probably been basically anything. We hear a real person who has been rendered unreal.

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thanks for the comment

thanks for the comment :)
lrnu lbh pna'g qb nalguvat jvgu vg nf sne nf v'z njner.

yeah. i felt egotistical in making it and in putting it on the internet. or maybe narcissistic is a better word.

C) it's a clip from 'wavelength' by michael snow.
D) it's 'strawberry fields forever' by 'the beatles', as featured in 'wavelength' by michael snow.

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I was previously unfamiliar

I was previously unfamiliar with Wavelength. Knowing about it now makes the intrusion of such a videogamey player character on the scene seem very apt.

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thanks for the direct

thanks for the direct answers! I'm interested in wavelength after reading a description of it. and as for your relation to the game, I don't think it's egotistical/narcissistic/anything self-absorbed and negative like that. I think directness in art is under-rated, personally