Handle Me At My Worst

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I wanted to create something resonant and emotional. So I did the exact opposite

"If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best" — Voltaire

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An event


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untitled 1 immediately

untitled 1 immediately resonates with your style
ive always thought substance ideas started as substance-less parts

assuming all are goal oriented except for untitled 1,
have you found a way to fulfill as many of the goals at once in the 'all at once' option?

i really like the idea that all of these pieces exist in their own universes and you can summon and de-summon them at will, making the 'all at once' option like one of those videos where theyre like 'so in mario we introduce a new idea and then you master it at the end', meaning that, again if were assuming theyre most;y goal oriented pieces, that one could, 'be winning' by fulfilling all or as many of the goals at once


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thank you! and thanks for

thank you! and thanks for the deepr analysis...

As for how easy it is to play them all at once, it would probably be pretty hard, since you'd have to click to kill yourself in untitled 3 in order to shoot a cowboy in untitled 4. The scores for all the games are also stored seperately. If people can figure out how to impose some kind of goals on that mode, I'd find that really neat.

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the soul of tech demos,

the soul of tech demos, compiled into a dark void

really sick, really quick

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It's interesting!

It's interesting!

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The persistence of the

The persistence of the game-world is really neat. I like seeing the remnants of the previous game on the screen when I enter the next.

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"The experience of the sum

"The experience of the sum of the games is greater than the whole of their parts" - Voltaire

I hope making this was a cathartic experience! It sure was amusing to play. Of course, the first thing I clicked on was the beckoning "all at once" button, which proceeded to overwhelm and confuse me. Going through the minigames individually, they all got laughs out of me. I agree that separately they would feel weaker, but together here it makes a great trainwreck package.

My favourite is the game that I thought was supposed to be like Snake, and I was like "oh so the path you leave behind is infinite!", and then I noticed that the score doesn't matter because you can't read it after you pick up a couple red squares, and also the challenge of the game isn't real anyways because you don't die for rolling onto yourself. So it's not like Snake at all, and I just imposed a false set of constraints for absolutely no reason... I'm not sure how intentional this specific experience was, but it sure was a fun ride.