frog game for you

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hi everyone and welcome to my game <|:)

things to note for playing the game:
- i'm sorry
- the last door on the left has no room to look at and the door to the right of it has no exit, so maybe pick that door last.

things i feel like saying that aren't important for playing the game:
i made this mostly summer 2018. it was a really weird time and i don't really remember writing any of the things that appear in the game, but that's life. the last room, the garden, was made yesterday (4/8/19). i hope you like clicking around this frog's house and if you have anything you want to say to me please email me at because i love emails.

Made For: 
An event


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i really want to play but

i really want to play but doesn't work with wine due to unable to launch 'newgay.exe'
Would you consider uploading a zip of the folder containing 'newgay.exe'?

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Does this version work any

Does this version work any better?

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thanks but nope :( it's the

thanks but nope :( it's the same file

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Ah, now that I've downloaded

Ah, now that I've downloaded both I see that the actual game is missing…

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i just reuploaded!!!! i'm so

i just reuploaded!!!! i'm so sorry for the confusion.

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oh yeah and

oh yeah and is down!!!! :((

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i would like to read that

i would like to read that alone mom comic again

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hi!!!! gosh, thank you so

hi!!!! gosh, thank you so much for liking that comic. i just reuploaded the game, so it should work now! if you want to DM me your email i'll send you the alone mom comic :)

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Now that I can play it: I

Now that I can play it: I like it a lot! Many fun and thought provoking interactions, and the choice to depict the player character rather than have them be some kind of amorphous, ambiguous entity stood out to me. It doesn't really feel unfinished, with the possible exception of the missing room and the non-functional 'leave garden' button. It's interesting to me that you released it in this state, with seemingly so little left to do despite you having added to it so recently, but on the other hand I know how lingering long-term projects can be (or maybe I'm misunderstanding and you still plan to 'complete' this). Things that aren't finished have a kind of limitless potential that often makes them appeal to me even more…

Oh yeah, since you've now released kinda similar games made using both Multimedia Fusion and Adventure Game Studio, may I ask which you preferred working with?

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i might come back and

i might come back and complete this eventually! i don't know! i don't know anything. i have a vague recollection of liking multimedia fusion more? but i think i just had more fun making dog game in general! thank you for the comment <|:)

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Quite adorable. The details

Quite adorable. The details you chose to include made me smile with intrigue.
The art is nice as well.

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This is super cute! For some reason I couldn't leave the garden, maybe because I was running this in wine. I like how much there is to explore here and I love the frog drawings

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This is so sweet! I'm

This is so sweet! I'm excited to see both an AGS game on here in 2019, AND a new lil story game from you! I like the narrative tension, as the frog seems to want you to see all of him and love him for/despite it, but at the same time is hesitant to actually be this visible and earnest with somebody he met so recently(?). regardless of what his complete past might really look like, he seems a bit sad, and is striving to feel upbeat regardless...

I just opened it up again and I didn't really notice how the first dialogue includes the frog saying "happy birthday" to the protagonist. What a strange birthday present, to get to wander around somebody else's house!