Look Through Telescopes In The Desert

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in the game you look through telescopes in a "desert" environment

Made For: 
An event


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Inspired by recent news of

Inspired by recent news of Katie Bouman and the Black Hole Picture? Probably can't see a black hole with these telescopes haha!

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black holes... they're hard

black holes... they're hard to see!

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extremely evocative! the cacti are great, not typically the shape I would think, but they are very absolutely cacti

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thank you! i am glad the

thank you! i am glad the concept of "cacti" was conveyed to you in an unconventional yet recognizable way :0

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this is an absolute banger. almost feel like it was made for me

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thanks! :0 :0

thanks! :0 :0

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While playing, the way the

While playing, the way the text presents the setting made me feel like I was on a school field-trip while the visual presentation made me feel like school field-trips are druidesque. I love that it felt both mystical and like amateur science.

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nice! i was definitely going

nice! i was definitely going for an amateur science vibe

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I had a few, somewhat

I had a few, somewhat separate but mostly simultaneous, chains of thoughts as I was playing this game.

1) At first the purpose of the telescopes seemed to me like it might be a distraction from a larger event- the simple descriptions they gave, compared to the evocative elements of the setting (especially the group of fellow people huddled around one telescope), suggested that the telescopes might just be a draw to bring me to a different conclusion. However, in the end, the opposite occurred: the world was reduced from view to the point that _only_ the telescopes mattered. I thought that was very interesting!

2) I'm intrigued by the reversal of the function of telescopes here. Instead of having one telescope that can be calibrated to many views, there are many telescopes that seem to be fixed upon one view. Nobody wishes to disturb the beauty of the telescopes, even though they are not natural objects!

3) I remember when I was a teenager, my dad once attempted to impress me greatly with the ability of a telescope. I was not very enthused in the matter, especially when I learned how complicated and delicate the operation of one was. Regardless, he seemed to have felt that I needed to come to the exact same relationship he had with them, a common form of parental projection. I have not thought about that brief moment (across a few days) for a long time.

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thank you for your comments!

thank you for your comments! your childhood memory is interesting. i feel that it often goes uncommented how outmoded telescopes are by modern tech from a broad perspective - most people just look up images of planets and stuff on the web or a photo in a book, but in "the day" you could only see mars up closer by setting up a telescope. perhaps the rift between your dad's perspective and yours was echoing this (or perhaps, like most differences between people, you just felt differently about telescopes)

i was into the pixel blocks.

i was into the pixel blocks. nice blocks. the planets must have been blindingly bright by night time if they were visible in the day. nice sense of adventure too in such a small game. I love looking at saturn in the telescope in IRL life, and jupiter's moons too, you can see them change positions after like an hour as they orbit jupiter. preetyy awesome

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telescopes are rad. i saw

telescopes are rad. i saw the transit of venus x the sun once, which was cool. also, while making this game i literally never thought about the fact that it was daytime and that's not the best time to look through telescopes. neil degrasse tyson would nitpick my sorry soul to high heaven if he got wind of this.....