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Gunman is a 64K intro using the ZZT engine that runs on MS-DOS PC, DOSBox or Zeta and was released in 2019 by Nanoco. Gunman is based on Gun Fight and Wild Gunman arcade games. The total world and executable size is 65,536 bytes.

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An event


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This is very very cool. I love the cactus disappearing, such a clever joke. Is that in the original game? This also makes me think how silly it would be in a shoot out if both people run out of bullets, or if they only had a few but they were very inaccurate. I like that they would just call it a day. Maybe they would beat the snot out of each other. I also appreciate you making these games playable in browser!

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lol no more bullets how bout a beer?

Yes. There is cacti in Gun Fight and that clone Outlaw. This board is like a plate of Dragon & Phoenix with broccoli (RGB) in the middle! Zeta was just released so I made a little something for it. Thanks for the comment.