Cactus Flower


Like Cactus Block, but flower.

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I've had conversations with a friend of mine very frequently about that last Tarantino movie The Hateful Eight. His critique of it is basically that you sort of expect everything to happen. It's too much in his style. However, that's what I like about it, it's him working within tropes that he has made for himself. It's a distillation of what he's known for. I like this for a similar reason. It has some of the random frustration of Cute Jump, some of the novelty of Cactus Block, the exploration of Jiggly Zone, and the different abilities adds a baroqueness that witch game has. In some ways this feels like a distillation in a Hateful Eight sort of way, but it also feels maximalist, just the amount of things that are able to happen. Something about this maybe in relation to maybe the first two games feels like a 'Ikaruga' and this is 'Radiant Silvergun' (I often think of some of your games and Treasure games, I'm not sure if it's because I like Treasure so much and I look for those qualities in other games or if you are inspired by some of those qualities too).

There is a nice immersive narrative quality about the power-ups that you get and in which order. It's sort of a Spelunky-like in that sort of way. It is funny to trap yourself into a box really hoping to use a specific power-up and then the one you get sort of doesn't help you. There are lots of interesting levels of risk reward. I also really like how the power-up names kind of overwhelmed me on the screen and that the screen's real-estate is sort of a resource.

I'm extremely bad at this. I've only gotten to the 3rd or 4th level and I've been playing it quite a lot since it's been uploaded. I think this is one of the more frustrating experiences you've made, but I am also captivated to keep playing this during my idle times at work or something. In this way, this game feels specifically like a Michael Brough game, the way I feel like I can learn new things and understand where secrets might be. I'm unsure how you are able to make games so quickly and frequently that are so captivating; I am always looking forward to the next one.

This is a wonderful comment!

This is a wonderful comment! It makes me really happy to read longer or more detailed thoughts people have about my games. I like to picture myself as a "don't think, feel" type of game designer so it's really interesting to see how people interpret the result of that.

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Just want to echo the

Just want to echo the sentiments about Brough and Spelunky ~ it has this nice risk-reward system that is half chance half skill (a perfect distillation of a Callois theory of games), a side-scrolling platformer that feels like a roguelite. You get a very intimate feeling of space as you struggle through the level designs (I played this and mouse sector one after another & was very impressed by both games' sense of spatial relationships). I didn't get very far either (who knows how long it goes on!), but I'll definitely return to it. Thank you for sharing ~

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This is like cactus block...

This is like cactus block... with a vengeance! I'm imagining a like 90's floppy disk package like Moraff's Revenge! except it says "Sylvie's Revenge!: Cactus Block Except Flower And Is Meaner" sorry I'm really tired and I can't tell if this is funny.