Small exploration platformer. No saving. Probably kind of hard?

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Cool, reminds me of cat

Cool, reminds me of cat planet.
I like the environmental message (at least that's how I understand it)
PS Life hack the game becomes super easy once you destroy all the spikes!!

EDIT: I just realized who made this game............

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I like how the brutal

I like how the brutal difficulty is cushioned by the presentation and the way you can interact with things. The randomized "sound effects" that pop up make what would be really annoying deaths much easier to deal with, combined with how you can actually use your deaths to your advantage. At one point I purposely flew into a block just to see if one of the purple obstacles that was moving back and forth would go through the gap, and to my amusement it did, and continued moving off-screen. I've got to admit I DID get angry at one point and hit ESC to rage quit and when it was revealed that ESC was just a second flap button the game won me over again immediately. Brilliant touch. Being able to fly free after all of that was a really nice reward.

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I finished the game this

I finished the game this time! the ending has a spooky feeling, after the creeping chaos of the rest of the game. Byrd (I'm assuming this is the protagonist's name) has found a safe haven for ever, but... is this a good thing for them, to be alone? and at what cost to the rest of the world? or perhaps the world was already collapsing without Byrd's influence?