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Elizabeth the elephant is like any other inhabitant of the tree-top community of Pleasant Animal Village. She spends her days in the forest, idle but happy, surrounded by friends, although in constant fear of the flock of airplanes that threaten to ruin her way of life. Wait, what? Yes, indeed, everyone is worried about these strange metal beasts that pollute the air physically and aurally. They cause great havoc for ground dwellers, and they are getting closer and closer to the village... Nobody knows what to do about it. Elizabeth, however, is willing to try anything! Guide her as she explores the village, talks to her friends, and tries to save the day. But most of all, have fun!


The List is a light-hearted adventure game with simple platforming, a few minigames, and a focus on dialogue. It should take 2-3 hours to finish. Due to the length, and amount of reading, I recommend playing it over multiple sessions. Should you need help progressing in the game, or if want to make sure you find every item, there is an extensive walkthrough included.

Linux Compatibility

You can play The List on Linux using WINE! The game has been completely playtested using WINE on Ubuntu. If you are using 64-bit Linux, and the game starts without any sound, you might be missing 32-bit libraries for your default sound device. As a common example, if your setup is PulseAudio on 64-bit Debian/Ubuntu, you can install 32-bit libraries using the apt-get utility: apt-get install libpulse0:i386


The List is a game by Nikki Bee. It's also available on for Pay What You Want! I spent a long time on the game, and donations are appreciated. The entire soundtrack was done by Christopher Psukhe. It's included with the game in medium quality Ogg Vorbis format, as well as the original MIDI format. It's also available in other formats on his Bandcamp! Further credits are available in "Credits.txt".

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ten outta ten video gaming experience

What a good and long and good game! I got 99% in this game and that's OK with me!
I remember you telling me that you were putting a lot of your own voice into your sekrit santa game, and this really makes "The List" unique! I also enjoyed the well thought out framework for the society that these animals live in.

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thank you!! also you

thank you!! also you probably missed the fngryyvgr ba gur ebbs bs ovaxl'f yno. even I first missed it when I made the walkthrough!

I find it easiest to speak from myself, which made some of the writing easier and enjoyable, but figuring out more cohesive, different characters was a big of a challenge. I'm glad it came through so well!

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SORTA-SPOILERS (?) for anybody who hasn't played.

I appreciate the ultimate positivity of this game. Whenever I'm playing a good-natured indie game I kind of brace myself for the eventual reveal that things are darker or more hopeless than they initially seemed and it was refreshing to reach an ending that suggests it will be alright.

I'm a big fan of how all of the objects you collect bounce around on your back (it seems fitting to say "your" back since we are, of course, all Elizabeth). You say you tried to include more of your voice in this project and I really enjoyed a lot of the humor in it, your personality truly shines through.

I said "Oh no" when I took Tippy's lamp because I removed her heat source. Another reason to be glad things will turn out okay!

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Forgot to mention that the

Forgot to mention that the aesthetic of the game takes me back to those old educational titles I would have played in elementary school in the 90s. Very cool.

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thank you so much! one of my

thank you so much! one of my design rules for this game was "nothing bad happens", because I wanted it to find only positives, like you saw. I realize now that taking tippy's lamp is kind of on the line... oops! but I am glad it felt resolved in the end.

carrying the objects around was one of the first mechanics I implemented, it was so fun to do! and I'm glad my personality was so visible :)

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What a game.

What a game indeed. It is a beautiful aesthetic experience. Give Christopher Psukhe my regards, for the soundtrack is great, truly evocative of the MIDI of the times it was in vogue. It almost feels as if a period piece. I half had the thought to glance around to see if I had misplaced a CD jewel case or big box of this game- aha! I'll need time to sit down and enjoy the text to make further comments, but truly what a game!

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thank you! I have passed

thank you! I have passed your message on to Chris, I am sure he'll be happy to hear it :) it sounds like I have been more successful than I expected at creating such a tone, for it to feel genuinely retro. I wasn't even intending that, haha. I suppose my klipart collage style is, by necessity, very evocative of the period when they were originally drawn.

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I really like this. I'm so

I really like this. I'm so glad you were able to stick with it and ultimately finish it. There's a lot of little touches and details I like about it, and it goes into unexpected places and twists that I really enjoyed discovering. It's a game with a lot of nooks and crannies, and with a lot of really good writing and personality. I've come to associate the Klik N Play stock sprites with the Glorious Trainwreck community as a whole, and seeing them all here again evokes a really warm feeling of community.

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Thank you, it sounds like it

Thank you, it sounds like it was worth the wait :) I'm so glad you enjoyed exploring the world of The List!

I feel proud of what I've been able to do with my klip art collages here, I'm glad it gives you such a feeling of community! I have been thinking a lot recently about how the meaning of individual klip art pieces has been transformed over and over by new and remixed contexts in our community.

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You are really funny.

You are really funny.

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Thanks, I'm glad the writing

Thanks, I'm glad the writing was successful!