How'd You Get That One?

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How'd You Get That One?

a micro fiction game by Nikki Bee

press the Spacebar to advance text or make a selection when prompted. press the up and down arrow keys or W/S to move up and down prompts.
press escape to pause/unpause the game. press spacebar to activate a selection in the pause menu. hold the left or right arrow keys or A/D to adjust sliders.

made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5. source is included. feel free to modify it, although I am currently working on improving the scripting engine, which I can give a copy of at request

original scripting engine by danworth
funtext code by everythingstaken
music by thatguynm
font is HK Grotesk by Hanken Design Co.

sfx from aim, an unknown pc-98 game, and some random telephone sample I have

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Excellent Execution!

Really amusing short story here, mno! Well done. :)

Reminds me of an online chat conversation I could have, or a random bar conversation or something. You can't tell what's for real, and what's just being made up on the spot.

And I'm impressed and curious about the coding used to put this one together. The responses text file looks like it makes sense, but I wonder how it's all supposed to work. I should dig into this source file, for sure.

THANK YOU for making a game for the jam, too!!!

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Thank you, I'm glad you

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! I had a good time writing it together.

I'm glad the feeling of real/just made up worked so well for the context, as those moments likely map closely to the ideas I spent a couple days thinking over in my head, and the ones I rapidly made up just to have more dialogue :)

The engine is an updated version of the one I used for The List, so I've had a looong time to get to know the engine well, and come up with ideas for improving on it. I have, since making this game, started an even better iteration that greatly improves script readability, although I am still ironing out a full implementation. I can make sure to ping you when I have a release version good to go.

Thank you for coming up with the jam! It was nice to have an idea to respond to.

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I like the music... maybe

I like the music... maybe some audio lag on linux though unsure. seems like a hip chat application!

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I like how this comment

I like how this comment appears in the changelog as just "I like the music... maybe".

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I like this comment... maybe

see subject

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I'll pass on the music

I'll pass on the music complement to thatguynm! The music doesn't start until after you continue past the first text box, which might be what seemed like lag? This was unintentional at first, but I liked the effect it had. Otherwise, all the audio is streamed from separate files, which theoretically can be laggy, but it's difficult for me to test that in practice.