Finished: Zone Jogger (In Glorious HD)

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Ode to Zone Runner. With ooouuuttttliiiinneees. And bad animation. Also uses slightly irritating/unfitting stock samples from the TGF libraries. Just like the original!

I started this for the KotM #33, but didn't get finished. So I decided to go over the two hour period to bring you this.

There are ten levels in total: nine normal levels, and one boss(!!!) level. Most of the stages are designed to be quite daunting, and they also poke fun at some of the design flaws and eccentricities in the Zone Runner games. You get unlimited lives since some stages are a bit... unfair.

Made in MMF2. Needs DirectX 8 hardware acceleration to run. And 1280x800 resolution or higher.

Don't worry, Circy. You're still an awesome guy.

ZoneJogger_final.zip6.57 MB


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Love the roulette wheel

Love the roulette wheel determining when the platforms switch, that the initially absurd level with a grid of disappearing platforms actually had a strategy to beat it, and that the jogger has to push the springs out of the way on both winning and losing. Nice observation of Circy's design strategy with the levels that had you repeating the same annoying timing puzzle 4-8 times. That boss was a bit too ridiculous, though. Took me at least thirty tries to beat.

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The boss actually used to be

The boss actually used to be a lot worse. It would take twice as long to work it up to the panic state. I decided out of reasons for sanity that I reduce that amount of time. Doesn't really make the panic state itself any easier, though...

Edit: Also, the spring moving thing came about because during testing, the flying Yellow Jogger couldn't get past the springs, so I saw an opportunity to make something humorous.

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So much better than the

So much better than the original, but I still couldn't put up with it for very long.

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Beat it! It was a pretty

Beat it! It was a pretty excellent game, and I enjoyed (at times) the difficulty caused by completely random gameplay elements.