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Wow, another Sylvie game. This one has audio by my friend Hubol and was made for Ludum Dare 44.
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sylvie & hubol
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An event


Great cute game. I like the

Great cute game. I like the idea.
I did feel sorry for the reapers though. :(


Nice range of platformer and action challenge in this one, sylvie! The score was nicely done as well. My compliments to the composer. :)

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Loving this so far! Super

Loving this so far! Super cute and really interesting mechanics. The music is lovely too.

Though the game crashes when I touch/try to talk to the reapers. Here's the error code thing:

action number 1
of Draw Event
for object oNPCReaper:

string_width argument 1 incorrect type (unknown) expecting a String (YYGS)

called from - gml_Object_oNPCReaper_Draw_0 (line 18)

Thanks so much for pointing

Thanks so much for pointing this out! It was introduced by fixing another bug and I didn't notice. Can you redownload and see if you can progress now?

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That was fast! Works

That was fast! Works perfectly now. Thanks for fixing it so quickly!

Excited to go back and finish the game now. c:

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Oh, this is so nice! There's

Oh, this is so nice! There's a lot of interesting details going on simultaneously here, and I like how they merge together and correlate. I think one of my favourite touches were the monochrome flowers at the bottom floor of the tower that give +1 health instead of +3... The reapers are only able to create a broken, drained version of life.

I am sure I didn't see everything, since at the end I had 85 out of (I presume) 100 health, but I feel like I saw enough to get a good glimpse of the picture. The scale of the world and how much there is to discover here is bite sized, but the brisk pace of the game matches it perfectly.