Sprite Walls

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The zip file are the sprite-sheets I doodled for use in https://clyde.itch.io/sprite-walls
You can do anything you want to with them. No attribution is necessary, but it's fine if that's what you want to do. Really, I just thought it might be fun to have these sheets so you can see what the environments are made out of and identify the parts inside the whole.

I plan to doodle more sheets and make more rooms and update the game. So hopefully it will change. You may not be able to access an old room and if you tell someone that there is or is not something in the game (though you may have been corrrrect at one point) they may prove you wrong.

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This is exciting! An

This is exciting! An unpredictably changing game is an interesting way to give different experiences to one person, or across multiple people. I especially like that you are including the sprite sheets as separate files, so we can have multiple ways of viewing the drawings. Ps. I really like your doodle style. spriteWalls-3 has my favourites.

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this is so great! i really

this is so great!
i really wanna hang out here in real life.
at first i thought the music was changing depending on where i walked to, but then decided thats not true but just an illusion due to unpredictable volume shifts, but then i teleported to a different zone and realised actually it definitely is. i couldn't really figure out how that was working though. i loved the change in color scheme.
how did you make the music, will you tell us?

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The room you start in is a

The room you start in is a fully 2D audioSource, but you probably teleported to one with a 3D audioSource. I think the shiftiness of the instruments obscures it a bit and the inconsistent methods can confirm many hypotheses. I used FL Studio Mobile for the songs.

If you want any details on how the settings of the synth instruments, I think I still have all those song-projects still saved so I can look or share.

To be honest, I think the thing that influenced the sound most was thinking about how curious I am about what the sound in Breach's Murmur:TraumRock would be like.
I imagine that these abstract 3D Unity worlds all have a sound ambiance and I make something really loose while I'm working on the level and if the association I develop with it is satisfying I keep it and if it isn't I make a new one. Thinking about it as a sound ambiance for a world helps me a lot because if I thought of them as songs then I probably wouldn't be as happy with them.