Ludum Dare Delivery

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This was a game I worked on for like a day and a half last week for the Ludum Dare, the theme was "Your life is currency" so I though "what about a version of Crazy Taxi where your health was tied to the amount of money in your bank account" and you'd drive around making fares, periodically money would be deducted and if you had none your heath would run out. And also you'd have a load of debt to pay off. I managed to implement most game features but didn't want to bother with finishing it, tuning it, or really messing with it anymore.

basically Unity's default Car Controller is terrible and driving was a real bummer, also the game was a real bummer of a subject, and while the primary color blue sky graphics have a certain charm it was not the look I really wanted.

How 2 Play
Drive around until you see a box with a green circle, stop in the circle to pick up the box, the arrow will point to where you need to go to drop it off. stop inside the dropoff zone and get paid $$$

Arrow Keys - Accellerate, brake, and steer
R key - Reset car
Escape key - quit game

City road assets: 3D road Tile Pack by
Cars: Vehicle assets by @eracoon

Music: An original composition by me (I made a bunch of experimental music and this was like, okay)

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An event


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I really like this! I hope

I really like this! I hope this doesn't come across as insulting because it sounds like you had a hard time with this game, but, I honestly like (in an appreciative way, not as in enjoyment) how the capitalist ennui that the game is meant to recreate was actually so big that it's unfinished and broken. Like, I think that says more than if it was a 'full' game.

The lack of control over the car is a major element in this experience, too. Everything feels ridiculous and pointless, detached from any semblance of personal impact.

Lovely music btw, it gives it a sort of uplifting but solemn feeling. "This sounds nice but actually this world sucks because of money!"

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thanks! yeah this on sorta

thanks! yeah this on sorta didn't pan out but that's fine. I was kinda happy with how much i was able to get done in what time I had

Hooo Boy

Yeah, that driving engine was swirling me all over the place. Even so, I like what you came up with in such a short time. The vans being moving obstacles was a nice touch. Driving round underneath the roads and hill-climbing were also entertaining.

Played until I had about $50 left in debt, but couldn't find any more deliveries to make! Are they always centered in the middle of the town areas? Based on what state the game is in now, would someone be able to erase all their debt?

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Wow! that's amazing! Thanks

Wow! that's amazing! Thanks for playing! The deliveries are all static and don't regenerated, but their destinations are random and the fare amounts are based on distance, so I suppose it's possible to erase your debt but I didn't actually check.


Did I say $50? I meant more like $50K. :D

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oh dear

oh dear