Eyeball's Garden

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tiny game. get the flowers for your garden.

the natural world
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What a nice little game with

What a nice little game with a nice message. In my opinion this is a lovely poem in video game form (and I do recall "game poems" being considered a thing a few years ago, so the precedent is there!). It's very relaxing. I played through it three times. Hard to say what my favorite part is, I would just like to see more of these narrative Puzzlescript games. Puzzlescript walking simulators? Very very good.

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water fountain

i totally agree - i want more non puzzle puzzlescript games too! i'm not very good with pixel art otherwise i'd be making a bunch.

anyways, i love love love this, thank you for making my night so lovely

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Beautiful! Always glad to

Beautiful! Always glad to see PuzzleScript being used for something other than puzzles.

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This felt like a bitsy game but had cool little sounds and such! Very cute story :o)

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This was sweet. I'm curious

This was sweet. I'm curious as to the mechanics that let these disembodied parts exist freely, but I feel like I should not overthinking and instead just enjoy the flowers :)