BINKY XV: Curse of Castle Zedd

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The fifteenth in the award winning BINKY Series!

Amazing 3D Action!!!

BINKY, EGGS, RUFF and the rest of the crew have trapped in Castle Zedd and are cursed!!!

But, what is the Curse of Castle Zedd?

This game was presented at the 2019 Video Game Expo at University of 956207713 880516142 792910878. It did not win any awards. This does not change the fact that BINKY is an award winning series of games.

Featuring Music by fotocopiadora in mp3 and midi formats!


W - UP

R - Turn on Automatic Movement

Dracula by Bram Stoker
Giovanna Garzoni - Still Life with Bowl of Citrons
Eduard von Grützner – Falstaff
Johnson Cornelius the Elder – Portrait of a Lady in White
Ilya Repin – Modest Mussorgsky
William Shaw - The Duke of Ancaster's Bay Stallion, Blank, Walking Towards a Mare


Passage of Sanguine Moonlight by fotocopiadora

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This is a 3d flatgame which

This is a 3d flatgame which is a remarkable achievement!!

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flatgame... flat game. flat

flatgame... flat game. flat art. I wish I could make dioramas in the real human world...

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BIBKY??? ???? ? ?

BIBKY??? ???? ? ?

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Is Q for qedding or qepping? I need to know!

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Q stands for "Q - QED", need

Q stands for "Q - QED", need I type more?

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This is the first Binky game

This is the first Binky game I played so I'm worried I need to play the rest to get the whole backstory but this seems like an excellent entrypoint into the series.

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@hellojed I've played all of them and if it gives context to a narrative, then I have completely no idea what this game is trying to communicate.

However, I think that this game 'mechanically' (?) in an interactive view or like the progression of the mechanics featured in the Binky games feels more like a narrative. They all start off pretty simple with just 4 or 8 direction movement? They kinda iterate from there. There is kind of a wide variety in this limited scope for each game, but each one feels related in that way and it does feel like there is progression. Even though I knew this game was coming from various screenshots, I was still surprised when I saw the end product just because of how it relates to the others.

This one still retains that hellish sense of claustrophobia. I think because of how different this one feels, or how the really different ones feel, it gives a sense that maybe you can interact a little bit more than a previous one, but you are never able to. I'm starting to think of these as more like paintings. However, what's interesting about these is that because of painting's static nature, you accept nothing is going to change. I think the fact that there is a mystery and there's no way for you to solve the mystery makes the claustrophobia turn up a little more than usual. This time, I'm really searching all of the corners, button mashing in order to find something interactive so I can find whatever, whoever, did whatever, what happened sorta thing and I can't. I first played it maybe how it was intended, just reading all of the dialogue and seeing all the stuff.

It feels very masterful putting the mystery as like the last possible thing that you'll probably find. You probably won't move that way when you start the game, so it feels nice that it's out of your perspective and also the last thing, very clever. From that point on I like a word jumble started to make sure Binky touched every possible thing there is to touch and to occupy every possible space available. It became tedious. I knew that there was probably a 5% chance of me finding something, but I did it anyways. Maybe this says more about me as a player and the games that I play or about the games I design based off of the games I play than it says about you as a designer of games. Maybe this game is a rejection of completion and a rejection of secrets that I quite love.

In the end, it kind of feels like a secret that nothing's in the game and the fact that I took the time to see for sure that there was nothing is just as much a secret as finding a little coin or extra room or whatever additional "content". The content was my journey and thank you for another adventure!

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I too have played all the

I too have played all the BINKY games. I thought what everythingistaken wrote about the progression in the mechanics between the different games as a narrative was very interesting. However, I have never had any sense of 'hellish claustraphobia'; on the contrary I have always found the games quite charming albeit charm from a world at an angle to our own. I might puzzle over what a game might be about but it is always a light hearted puzzling; I have never felt disturbed by a BINKY game. I am now struck by the suspicion that I may be a remarkably superficial person. As with previous games, I saw this one and thought 'Hooray a new BINKY game!' immediately downloaded it and spent a while exploring. And my reward is further tiny insights into the characters of BINKY and friends. And as someone who tries to make games myself I am rewarded by being inspired by how fascinating little worlds can be created with such simple mechanics.

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Hellish claustrophobia for

Hellish claustrophobia for some is cosy for others, I guess!

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This is going to sound a bit

This is going to sound a bit picky but 'cosy' is not quite the right word for me; the games are too unusual for that. It's more like a non-threatening defamiliarization. Perhaps a bit like the experience you might have when viewing a performance from a theatrical tradition of another culture; you can't pretend to grasp all that is going on but you find a joy in it and the conceptual dislocation is refreshing rather than disturbing. Hope that makes sense? Sorry to go on but I find it interesting to try to clarify why I like these games so much.

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I really like your

I really like your description of your experience, and appreciate that you went on!

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this control scheme rules. I

this control scheme rules. I love W/S to go up and down instead of the usual backwards and forwards, and Q/Z. I also love how you can't stop. Feels like the nature of the previous games' feeling of walking freely across a 2D background translated into 3D