The Running Man

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Made for 1HGJ #211: Running

This man has three legs! Run through the randomly generated levels and try to get the best time.

Made For: 
An event


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This is real funny. I like the generated level and how it doesn't really make perfect sense with the game. The animation is really great. My last play-through I like deleted my character somehow because I flew too high.

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Less running and more

Less running and more holding down the arrow key until you turn into a human helicopter and win!?

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This makes me laugh. I like

This makes me laugh. I like that there are essentially two ways to play - hold the button down and let the game do the work, just seeing where everything goes. Or (and I have no idea if this was intentional) you can kind of try to strategically bounce the guy off the obstacles to advance further, even using his legs to climb. Almost becomes a Getting Over It/Sexy Hiking-like challenge. Fun.