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2019-05-18 17_29_48-Anti-Eraser (Construct 2 preview).png

Made for 1HGJ #212: Invisible

Use the anti-eraser to un-erase the whiteboard!


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An event


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I may have a predisposition to liking tank control games, but this was fun and refreshing. Very satisfying to see all the different pictures, I played this for quite a few levels!

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I like that there is an

I like that there is an incredibly faint outline of what is behind the whiteboard (or is it what was previously on the whiteboard?), giving you a chance to imagine how it really looks before you un-erase it. Almost a game in itself, "is my mental image at all similar to the final product?" There's a nice emergent gameplay possibility I came up with too: un-erase a small pattern on the board and then reverse course, trying to retrace your steps back to the beginning without uncovering even more of the whiteboard.