Newcastle Milkshake Rampage

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I wanted to make a game where you throw milkshake at nazis. Half way through making the game, Nigel Farage was attacked with a milkshake in newcastle. So I quickly retooled the game to be about him. Marvellous!

This is the first time I have made a game so topical it came out on the day it happened. Put together in record time

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this is direct action

this is direct action

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A joy to play. Thinking I've

A joy to play. Thinking I've cleared the level only to find out there was another one standing around where I wasn't looking is a pretty good political analogy. Especially when you vow not to make the same mistake the second time. :)

Even removed from its political context (not that it should be), this is great fun. My high score was 58800 IIRC.

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very funny game. there was a

very funny game. there was a reactionary arsehole but I did not see "milkshake duck", where are they?