Newcastle Milkshake Rampage

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I wanted to make a game where you throw milkshake at nazis. Half way through making the game, Nigel Farage was attacked with a milkshake in newcastle. So I quickly retooled the game to be about him. Marvellous!

This is the first time I have made a game so topical it came out on the day it happened. Put together in record time

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this is direct action

this is direct action

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A joy to play. Thinking I've

A joy to play. Thinking I've cleared the level only to find out there was another one standing around where I wasn't looking is a pretty good political analogy. Especially when you vow not to make the same mistake the second time. :)

Even removed from its political context (not that it should be), this is great fun. My high score was 58800 IIRC.

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very funny game. there was a

very funny game. there was a reactionary arsehole but I did not see "milkshake duck", where are they?

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I don't really know who that guy is or what he's done, but it was fun to play. Setting up trying to hit the most Nigels at once was cool, reminded me of bowling