Yee Haw

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Made for 1HGJ #213: Overpopulation

The people want cowboy hats! They'll chase after your hat, and shout yee haw once they get it. If they bump into someone else, they'll create a new person. There is no objective besides just messing around. If you give too many people hats at the same time, their yee haws might get very loud, so be aware.

Controls: left click to start, move the mouse around to move the cowboy hat

The "yee haw" sound effect is a recording of myself saying it when I was nine years old.

Made For: 
An event


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who knew that your 9 year

who knew that your 9 year old self saying "yee haw" would be the key to an interesting video game...

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great game

idk how but I got it up over 600 yee haws per second, this game is sik