Just Scream

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just scream

- Hold click to charge your scream.
while screaming:
- mash click on your lungs to get extra air.
- mash click on yourself to stop yourself seeing red.
- mash space bar to bail on your scream (otherwise you will pass out)

made cos I wanted to make more games that really got to the bottom of my feelings

this game has no sound because no sound would do it justice. also because I didn't want to scream in your face.

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An event


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Here's some screaming music

Here's some screaming music for ya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VleM3b8pg8w

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thank you for this cathartic

thank you for this cathartic experience

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I like how frantic this

I like how frantic this feels. I can consistently get a scream to last around 8 seconds before I panic and start to bail. Which is a particularly great aspect of this: the satisfaction of letting it all out while wrestling with the fear of losing control. You do great work. I agree that no sound would do this justice; it's nice to let the player imagine their own.

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the lungs graphic is great