Synchronized Lawn Mowers On Ice

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Made for 1HGJ #214: Ice (and also Lawn mowers)

Pull off the performance of a lifetime! You control both lawn mowers simultaneously. Drive around the ice rink with the arrow keys, and drift to score points. Don't hit the walls or the tires!

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In a complete act of

In a complete act of disregard for the developer's vision I must admit that my favorite part is intentionally bouncing off of the walls and tires as well as making the lawn mowers crash into each other. I'm so sorry.

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Current high score:

Current high score: 6060 (edit, was: 5759)

Achieved by doing continuous donuts through the entire game.

That crash noise startled me

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I tried doing that, but would run into things a lot.

I really dig that the levels are random, this is a cool mechanic. I like the games that you've been making where you control two different things. The audio of the drifting is real cool.