The Legend of Sylvie: The Golden Kitty


Windows version:

In this game you play as Sylvie and you must find the Golden Kitty, which is said to be the most fluffy and soft kitty ever.
Fight monsters and solve riddles as you explore a massive open world in this epic action adventure puzzle game.

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I haven't finished this yet,

I haven't finished this yet, but I'm in the endless woods right now. this feels vast. I love it. I love the block puzzles where the blocks shift two spaces at a time, too. Had to do some thinkin' to get them in the right places

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I've got much further. I

I've got much further. I love so much about this

ROT13 for spoilers:

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Finished the game! The "laws

Finished the game! The "laws of physics" room was super clever, though I discovered the solution by accident. Combat felt very smooth and elegant, though bombs didn't have much purpose outside of a few puzzles. The soundtrack was pretty nice - did hubol make it or just you?

There are certain themes that pop up now and then in your games that I find interesting:

Creation myth (JIGGLY ZONE, this game, Arrow of Light - not entirely, but there's definitely something going on with the reapers being made to kill)

Strictly divided areas with no overlap, start/end exactly at screen borders or doors (JIGGLY, this, cat planet, sparkly rainbow kitty...)

Notion that there is no world outside of the screens you can visit (JIGGLY, this, Rat's World - doesn't really incorporate the theme but the "slime killed you" ending definitely made me think of it)

All characters are female - so far it seems all of your games adhere to this; makes me wonder if there's some lore that connects all of them together, though I'm probably just thinking too hard about it

I like these observations!

I like these observations! I made the soundtrack this time.