BINKY XVII: Doom Ray Day

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The seventeenth in the award winning BINKY Series!

Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!

Evil doctor ROBOLLOYD has captured BINKY finally! Though that is not enough... with the DOOM RAY, Anti-Venus shall be destroyed!!! Can BINKY save the day?


W - UP

SPACE - Turn on DOOM RAY!!!

Esc - Quit Game

Various from Klik and Play
Raygun Big Pboat by Anthony Appleyard
Venus by NASA
Explosion by unknown
Cage from WarioWare: Touched! ripped by redblueyellow
Brick Texture by Microsoft
Reims Apse by Charles Moore

Sound effects from Roblox
Sound effects from The Phantom Planet (1961)
Sound effects from Team Fortress 2
Sound effects from Klik and Play

Cheetahmen from Action 52

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An event


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Here we go

Once again.

I was very surprised at who I was playing as this time around. After making my Binky fan game recently, I was excited to see Robolloyd as such an extreme villain. It makes me wonder what is in store for this Binky universe. I wonder if blowing up Anti-Venus is canonical. I like that there could be a split universe based on the choices made by the player. This is a pretty linear game, but you can choose to blow it up or just close the game. What would the world be like with or without Anti-Venus, what does it mean? It looks like Binky can't save the day no matter what.

This game in some ways is one of the most claustrophobic. Because you typically control Binky, there is a sort of shock when you expect to control Binky, but you don't. I still felt like I should be Binky, and this sort of immediate disconnect was very upsetting. I soon got used to my new body, but then didn't realize what I was supposed to do or if I could do anything. There were instructions on the screen, but I didn't know how to use the Ray. I went back to this page to see that I could use the space bar to activate the Ray. I did so and I found that I still couldn't do anything.

I like that the way to win this game is to close it out and pretend like none of the events happened. You can imagine for yourself that Binky breaks out and saves the day, but if you interact with the game much at all, they absolutely don't save the day because you blow up the planet.

Good game, great game, good job, nice job.
Always excited for a new Binky game, thank you.

P.S. I like the robo-gorilla.