A fragment for Fragment Jam 2019 (WIN PRIZES) as they say https://itch.io/jam/fragmentjam

Waft about and see some boney trees grow. There are triangular birds above and grave-like pillars that swell and shrink below. You are in a sort of box but you can go out if you want. No objectives, just a place to visit.

Originally abandoned after procjam 2015. For this "release" I stole some bits from a couple of other released projects and stuffed them in, also cleaned up a little.

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Poor choice of controls

It's a beautiful little place, to be sure, from the waving grass-pillars far below to the bone-trees to the boids floating in the air (boids make everything better <3).

I think the big thing holding this back is the controls. You have no control over your speed. The most obvious problem with this is that there's no way to slow down or stop. I think this is the kind of game that really calls for a "stop" button, one that lets you sit back and relax and really watch that bone tree grow in real time, or steal a vantage point to watch two flocks of boids merge and split again. The controls compound this. The WASD controls are almost too snappy, making it hard to steer in general and to orient yourself precisely in particular, while the rotation is sluggish, making it hard to make quick, precise turns. On the other hand, you also can't speed up. How am I supposed to chase the boids when I can't even keep up? What fun is weaving between the undulating pillars when you can't use them to test yourself?

I could see myself spending a while in this little terrarium you've built, but I found the constant struggle with motion to be more frustrating then I was willing to put up with.