Cheese Eater


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This is great. I ate 30 or

This is great. I ate 30 or so cheeses before vanishing off the screen somewhere.

While the foot-swelling

While the foot-swelling might be useful for locating the mouse's offscreen whereabouts, they do nothing to indicate the creature's direction. Using our mind's eye to visualize the rate of turning is of little help. At best, every cautious tap on the gas will only inch those cartwheeling feet further and further afield, until naught is left before us but grass and a lonely cheese. And the settling resignation that we will never see that wee mouse again.

This is our experience, at least. But if we take a moment to just empathize, we might notice the wonderful situation our mouse finds herself in:
1. cheese appears unguarded before her, very near
2. she gobbles it down instantaneously of course, lest the moment be lost
3. MORE cheese appears mere moments after that prior feast (goto 2)

Imagine the mounting thrill! It is no wonder we see her performing these dizzying loops -- after 38 cheeses, these are clearly the outbursts of a tremendous joy!

Never mind the swelling.

Never mind the swelling.

Shh. She's gone now. Shh.