#A9A9A9 No. 4.0.7

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This is an #A9A9A9 fangame made with my work-in-progress Keeshond Game Engine 0.7-dev

Use built-in fullscreen (Alt + Enter) for the best experience.

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An event


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Some technical notes

Some technical notes:

I have double checked with a screen color picker and the color does indeed show as #a9a9a9, so I'm assuming that I'm doing the sRGB handling (or rather, sRGB disabling) correctly.

On Windows you'll see a console window appear. I poked at this last night and couldn't figure out how to get it building with the Windows subsystem instead of Console, so you'll have to put up with it. Maybe I can fix it at some point.

Bloat analysis:

  1. Program executable (a9a9a9.exe on Windows, a9a9a9.x86_64 on Linux): About 1.5 MiB. Includes my Rust-based engine (custom ECS, high level rendering, high level audio management) as well as all the Rust dependencies (OpenGL renderer, matrix math library, PNG decoding, SDL and OpenAL bindings, hashing, other language helpers)
  2. SDL2 (SDL2.dll on Windows, libSDL2-2.0.so on Linux) - About 1.1 - 1.3 MiB. Platform abstraction layer used for windowing, event handling, input, and OpenGL context creation. Its rendering, audio, and timing facilities are not used anywhere in the engine (in other words, they're bloat here)
  3. OpenAL (soft_oal.dll on Windows, libopenal.so on Linux) - Slightly under 1 MiB. 3D audio engine capable of special effects like doppler and environmental reverb, and very responsive audio. Because this program does not have any sound, it is effectively unused.
  4. vcruntime140.dll - About 78 KiB. Needed for MSVC executables to run. Practically minuscule by today's standards. Even back in, say, 2000, it would be considered small.
  5. a9a9a9.sh - Exactly 126 bytes. It's just a small shell script that makes sure the locally provided libraries are loaded and then runs the program. That's it.
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Cool, I love this. Could I

Cool, I love this. Could I add it to the blog post?

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Sure thing

Sure thing