the yellow chronicle

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A platform adventure game. Use the arrow keys. There a few different environments to explore and you can jump (only where it is allowed) and listen to the music. I like the first half of the game, but now looking back I think the second half should have gone in a more unexpected direction to make it more exciting. I got lazy and was trying to finish it quick.

Includes readme.

siege - cyanide

Jake Clover
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i played all of it. the

i played all of it. the spikes and sky rocks sections weren't really hard but because they were much harder than the rest of the game it would have been nice to stick checkpoints in the middle of them. it felt like you could have done more with the "neighbor wants you to turn down the music" thing. also being able to control jump height woulda been nice in those parts, overall interesting atmosphere

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thanks mate. yeah I felt

thanks mate. yeah I felt like i'd made something quite enjoyable, now think i could have made it way more interesting :/ i rushed the second half. could have added a lot more unexpected stuff or something. next time. I appreciate your comment

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I was adoring it up until

I was adoring it up until the saw room: the visuals and music were great, and the bird cutscene floored me. I think the main guy leading his brother is one of my new favorite main character sprites. The saw room reminded me of ticket, and about a lesson I learned playing it: if you're going to do difficulty, you have to do it sincerely. you can have any number of obtuse, miserable mechanics, but if you include the one where you get teleported back to the start of the room that we call "death", you have to actually apply the design work to avoid it being frustrating. that's how i feel, anyway. Still, I want to go back later and get past the saw room because I want to see the rest of the game.

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thanks very much! i can

thanks very much! i can completely understand your frustration with that part of the game. makes me feel ill just thinking about it. it is difficult, but it's short. there's not much to see after you get past that level though. i think the rest of the game could have done with more work but rushed it

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