Dice Game - Three Chances

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THREE CHANCES, a dice game for two players, on a race to the middle. A downloadable game board graphic is available at the following link (it's an image file):


You'll need the following supplies for the game:

  • the game board for Three Chances
  • two players
  • two six-sided dice (2d6)
  • six counters or pawns of one colour
  • six counters or pawns of another colour

On your turn, you throw the dice, and can move one of your pawns to an adjacent space with a number that:

  • is the same as one of the dice you rolled, OR
  • is the same as the sum of the two dice you rolled.

Full instructions (and come commentary on probability, because I'm a game design nerd) available at the "game" link above. Enjoy!

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