Card Game - Baltimore Solitaire

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BALTIMORE SOLITAIRE, aka THIRTY-SIX, a solitaire card game variant that uses a standard deck of playing cards. In it, you are "double teamed" and must come up with a sum of cards from your tableau that exceeds that of your opponents. Has a few rules to get used to, but I post a number of photos to explain them. Once you start beating the game regularly, you can add in variations to increase the challenge.

Full instructions available at the "game" link above. Enjoy!

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Cards not supplied digitally

I appreciate the page you wrote and the pictures. not in a million years would I get out a deck of cards and start playing this with ma mates or what not, but I do feel inspired when I imagine a world where I play card games.

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Cards In Real Life

At least it helped you use your imagination a little bit, eh?

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I played a round.

It was fun! There is a nice, satisfying action to adding up the cards and moving them to the respective collections. I won the first time, I will have to try the new rules another time.