1HGJ: Frederick Douglass Stars In: Reach Armlong Saves The Mail!

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FREDERICK DOUGLASS STARS IN: REACH ARMLONG SAVES THE MAIL! A game made for the One Hour Game Jam. This time, the theme was Trains.

Collect the mail that's been scattered by the wind. Fortunately for the US Postal Service, Reach Armlong is not only one of the most flexible people in these United States, but he's also a locomotive engineer! Using his engineering skills and his incredibly stretchy left arm, reclaim all the mail that's been scattered by the Pony Express.

A and D: move left or right along the track.
MOUSE: aim Armlong's arm.
HOLD LEFT MOUSE BUTTON: Stretch out Armlong's arm. Collect letters and parcels by overlapping them.

Kind of a game, but kind of not, really. This took me way too long to make (for a one-hour game jam) and after the 90-minute mark, I kinda said, "Well whatever." Then Frederick Douglass came to mind for some reason.

Plays in nearly any browser. There is no end condition. Enjoy!

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Character designs gets a 5

Character designs gets a 5 out of 5. i think it's a prettty good looking game. like an eyeball massage.