Smush Bois Demo (old)

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This is a version of my project Smush Bois.
I mostly have it here for people to download and playtest.
I may add more, I may not? I'll update it if I do!

Right now there is a more updated version of Smush Bois at Wonderville in Brooklyn, if you want to check that out. It's up for another month (until May 31st).

Please give feedback below!
Don't be afraid to critique it! I went to art school, I am tough! :-)

It's a 2-4 player game I made for Play-NYC as a commission for "Graffiti Games".
It's like no-wave smash bros? (tell me if that's corny)
Josie made the music, it's really great.

Download The Game Please (this is really just for a couple people to play if interested, it's kinda prototype-y)

Goal: Smush the other players and don't get smushed.
Player 1: A (right) S (left) W (shoot) D (smush)
Player 2: right (right) left (left) up (shoot) down (smush)
Player 3: H (right) F (left) T (shoot) G (smush)
Player 4: L (right) J (left) I (shoot) K (smush)
Move: (left and right)
Smush: (down) *when on top of someone, this is how you kill them
Stun Blast: (up) does not kill players, just stuns them

Thank you for reading.


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Chaotic color vomit!

Yo! I met you and played this game at PlayNYC, this was definitely my favorite game there. It just has its own little soul, that seems to be missing from many of the other games I saw there. Like a reason for existence or something like that, idk. It's simple and (elegant?), strange to use the word elegant with such fucking crazy chaotic game but somehow it is. I especially liked how the game starts to split into duplicates. I couldn't tell for sure, but it seemed like the more you got on a roll smushing other players, the more mirrors of the characters were created. It was also interesting that I never noticed the mirrors actually appearing, you just sort of realize 'oh theres 3 now, and have been for a little bit'. One criticism I have is that there were times when it seemed like you would kind of get stuck on a block. Maybe the collision detection is a little buggy? The game moves so fast though that this was hardly a huge problem and didn't happen all the time. I also appreciated the CRT tvs and SNES controllers, really made me feel right at home :)

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Thanks for coming over here and for the comment. I will probably fix the collision in the near future when I am not completely toasted.
I am excited that you posted a game too. :-) Welcome!

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Thank you! I'm trying to beat your masocore tails game now xD

It's when you can hear the whirring of the crt from the picture;

It can define something or another. Gameplay-wise it's a lot of fun. With the display and the direction took with the kiosk and presumably the control scheme, it looks like it executed well. A bit of Starcade but maybe more modern. I caught a bunch of episodes of that at one point and felt snubbed most of the contestants never played Congo Bongo. It's unrelated, but it looks like one of those games the contestants would play, but everything was one player at the time. Most of the time they were competing for a a Tron cabinet but they hardly ever played Tron, it was just convenient I guess.

I liked the look of it. Sprite work was done well enough and we all like tomatoes. They had faces but it didn't look too crude to be off-putting. There had to be a decent amount of labor getting the display in key. If it was just your design to get the tarp and the display on the liquid crates not made of liquid but storing liquid done, congratulations on that. It was probably as fun as the result of the product in the first place. A slightly whelming sense of danger is presented in the stacking, but, it provides that you're saying that you're no stranger to risk itself. Also a sigh of relief that there aren't torsoes attached to those feet guardians, protectors of toes with skis on them. That would just tip over the whelm to acrobat status and what an acrobat on a crt to proceed delivers is ...

a Good choice of music. If it was an outsource, she did wonderful work. The title theme is top notch with the squiggle-vision like insignia. It's nice to find a good rotoscope out there but you went a step beyond and found a squiggle style. Sound seems to change each time with a new start as well.

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I can hear it too

I like that you preface the face thing with the potential with faces being crude/off-putting. I feel like faces very easily can be those things, but I haven't heard anyone else vocalize that idea. I should go further into the squiggle-vision style. I had just been watching a bunch of Home Movies, that probably did me in with that.

Thanks for playing and for the comment as usual!