eagle's wing | dedicated to 9/11

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In the far future of September 12th, 2019, the United States Government has been compromised by powerful and influential forces. Only a secret branch of the government remains untouched; it is codenamed "EAGLE'S WING". There's only one question on everyone's minds: is Jean Wing a bad enough barber to shave the president?

character art credit to mariken

sorry for uploading this so late

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An event


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nice game it was pretty good

nice game it was pretty good graphics and decent audio and nice gameplay, superb swinging physics. made me think of a game i played when i was a kid called september 12th, where you bomb some towns

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the game was strange but

the game was strange but felt symbolic of something. death? loss? the imagery made me think of heaven. the anti-fascist moral of the story was the best part and where it all came together

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start of the game made me

start of the game made me think the program broke