Super Relaxing Planet

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I was toying with a bunch of stuff like planet physics and some cool crystally shaders, and I ended up just building a little planet with a bunch of stuff on it. No interaction, it's really just a walking sim. Although there is some stuff that reacts when you walk into it/onto it...

I also got to give the idea I had for an "autowalk" button in- I always wanted a walking simulator where you could hit a button and your character would walk forward endlessly. This worked out really well on a planet, which is kind of an infinite space.

There ended up being a lot of cool details in this game and it's also the first time I've designed a space on a spherical surface

H: help
WASD: move camera
arrow keys: move
space bar: jump
enter: autowalk
F: look mode
M: mute sound/music
E: toggle walk/run
Also works with Xbox Controller

Made For: 
An event


I visit the water planet

Really enjoyed this! Only played it for a few minutes but it is a nice experience. It's simple but surprisingly fun to explore and bump into things. I love the geyser thing that boosts you up.

Please make it so you can fly to other planets in a goofy ship, and have weird space phenomena that eats you. i can imagine more planets with their own unique properties, like a little solar system you can explore. would be siq. have a good day!

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That's the dream, but just

That's the dream, but just making one planet took a lot of energy outta me

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The sound design in this is so wonderful. I could probably just stand in place and listen and be satisfied with the game, but that would rob me of everything else in it.

My favorite part so far is the circular plates (?) on the ground that played different tones when you stood on them, followed by the steam vent that shot you into the sky. Speaking of being shot into the sky, I love the body language of the jump animation, like you're just letting go and accepting whatever happens next.

I use a Dell Inspiron laptop from 2009 so my processor was kind of chugging along as I played this and as a result it played wayyyyyyy slower than I imagine it is supposed to. The slow drifting along added to the experience though and gave it even more of a dreamlike feel.

Also I love the logo font.

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thank you! I'm glad you

thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

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gosh, this is such a nice

gosh, this is such a nice experience! the audio is gentle and pleasing. my favourite sounds were the tiles you can step on, falling back into the water surface, and the crystal reeds(?) that play at a different pitch depending on your jump height when you bump into them(!).

the spherical nature of the world is enticing and rewarding for exploration, I'd love to see more exploration games doing something like this. I'm used to worlds being relatively flat, potentially showing me everything I can see from high enough angles. here, I am 'forced' to keep walking onwards, to discover what is around the horizon. a lovely encouragement!

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thank you! I'm glad you

thank you! I'm glad you noticed those details, especially how the reed's tone varies depending on how high you are. I'm glad the shape of the world felt new and interesting!