Emoji Forest Generator

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A simple simulation made in flowlab. Hover over the emojis to see information. Click the thing in the bottom right to re-generate.

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Klik of the Month Klub #33 (Mar 2010)


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good one

good one

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Very evocative. The short

Very evocative. The short writings put me in a nice place.

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I like the different emojis that you chose for this, very evocative along with the white background. It reminds me of the idea of nature presented in garden shops or Michael's.

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Cute game

Emojis are basically as abstract as any pictographic language at this point. Most emojis are not stand-ins for what they actually depict. A flower emoji signifies beauty or innocence or spring, but it seldom signifies an actual flower, outside of texts from Mom. This "emoji forest generator" isn't unprecedented in its attempt to craft a landscape from emoji, but it's the first thing I can think of that manages to create an actual sense of place with emojis. I think that's entirely because of the flavor text. The flavor text reinforces not only the identity of the pictures but also the emotional content of what they refer to. By linking the abstract image of a rose with the reality of its thorny stem and legendary beauty, you start to weave a sense of context. By describing the pictures as sensory objects, they come alive, and the abstract pictograms of emoji suddenly gains a very real sense of atmosphere, if not necessarily a concrete sense of place.

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interesting. That's a cool

interesting. That's a cool take on it

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I really liked the drive to

I really liked the drive to regenerate the terrain frequently, I was interested in trying to see all the different plants to read their descriptions. they're very cute, with a nice variety of contexts given.