BINKY Gaiden X1-2: Switsch

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The Gaiden in the award winning series!

What is a gaiden? Is it a spinoff? Is it not "cannon"? What is "cannon" anyway, something pirate ships use?

BINKY... nantendo... what evils await?


Arrow Keys - Move


Nintendo Switch by ... Nintendo
Screenshot from Nakayoshi Pet Series 5 - Kawaii Hamster 2
Screenshot from Koto Battle - Tengai no Morihito
Comic Sans


Ko-Wahi from Bionicle: The Game transcribed by -MZ-

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You've done it once and again. This one isn't too different from the others other than the theme. It's very troublesome getting stuck in the edge of the screen however. I like this motif of someone playing a game in a game from you. I liked in The Bloody Game Terror That Melted Me how you expressed it. I think there is much more to explore with that

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getting stuck on the edge is

getting stuck on the edge is because im not good at clickteam. thank you for enjoying a game in a game. One day maybe a game in a game in a game...?

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Can you imagine a Hell more

Can you imagine a Hell more terrifying than being trapped in the claustrophobic frankenconsole that is the Switsch? The Switsch is the console of strange in-betweens: in between mobile and home, in between reclusive solo experiences and intensely social experiences, in between every console Ninteddo has created heretofore. The Switsch is the console of the van dweller, in between homelessness and homefulness (I know this from firsthand and secondhand experience. ask me about it). The claustrophobia is as much one made from the small viewport as it is made from a strange set of dichotomous circumstances, that the Switsch must be suitable both for airplane entertainment and bourgeois living room parties. Most indie games that get ported from PC to console go on the Switsch first. But when a game enters the Switsch market, it, too, enters an in-between state. For if an indie game is (formally speaking) a game not backed by any publishing house, what is an indie game when it's distributed by Ninteddo, one of the greatest game publishing houses of them all?

Binky is not an indie game that would be published on the Switsch. Only Big games get ported to the Switsch. Binky is not a Big game. It doesn't want to be a Big game. It couldn't be a Big game, and the absurdity of the notion that it could, should, or can be is put on display in this small game. Cool.

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oh and uhh you get stuck on

oh and uhh you get stuck on the edge of the screen a lot. im trying to assume that's intentional but idk what it means

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im sure some academise will

im sure some academise will write on video game advertising aesthetics. cluttered 90s kids rooms have dissolved into minimalist apartment hells... what is next...?

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rated "s" for the depiction

rated "s" for the depiction of the nindendo switch

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I feel like this game has

I feel like this game has the most animation hitbox issues of any binky game ever... congratulations on the return to form in Clickteam Fusion 3.2 or whatever they call it these days.

one thing that stood out to me was that when walking from left to right or right to left, binky's tail would periodically lift up and down slowing, simultaneously obscuring the background details while giving me a better look at what had just a moment ago been covered up by their tail. it kept making me think, "just what could be under their tail?". I simply want to know, mariken. what's under tail?

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what's under the tail is

what's under the tail is "mystery of games". what do you mean by animation hitbox issues and how can i fix it? do you mean the center of animation is off? or bumping into the wall?

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it's not about the center of

it's not about the center of animation or the fact that there is any collision with the wall. the problem is that, unless you specifically make a workaround, the hitbox for a player model is the exact same as the animation. so when binky moves their arm, their hitbox moves with their arm. when one of binky's limbs extend past the hitbox, the collision doesn't really know what to do, and so it gets quite messy as it tries to enforce the barrier.

the solution is simple, make a static image that acts as the hitbox/object the player moves around, make it invisible, and place the Binky object at it's center every frame. you might want to make the hitbox image a literal box, or an approximation of binky's general shape. when the hitbox's shape is consistent, the collision detection will be consistent.

I can explain/demonstrate more in chat some time.