Cook the Bacon on the Xbox, But Don't Melt the Xbox


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here's the videos that i was

here's the videos that i was thinking of while playing this game xbox watch the world burn

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I was a little confused that your bacon doesn't cook at all when it's above a specific heat that destroys your exbox, but I understand why from a gameplay perspective. The graphical effect is so evocative. It feels really bad to know that you fried an xbox to make this game

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Y'all remember the Red Ring of Death stuff? This reminds me of that. I think xbox consoles have this reputation of being unstable or unwieldy, and I'm honestly kind of amazed that I haven't heard about some high-profile issue with the xbone

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The original Xbox was pretty

The original Xbox was pretty reliable. The main issues it has are a leaky clock capacitor in older models that needs to be taken out, and disc drives that can go bad over time, especially in older models. My first Xbox's disc drive got so bad that almost every game would show the "There's a problem with the disc you're using. It may be dirty or damaged" message that was required to be in all Xbox games. It also started to make a weird grinding noise when it turned on, which was probably either the fan going out or the hard drive (although the hard drives in original Xboxes are surprisingly reliable). I got a new Xbox around 2013 and its disc drive works perfectly, although I did have to replace the power supply a few months ago.

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that bacon still looked raw once i cooked it. reminds me of my aunt's house when i was kid and i'd play xbox with my cousin. the house was always shiny and clean and new and my aunt would cook bacon for breakfast ontop of the xbox. before i started high school and got an xbox 360 i always felt like game consoles and halo 2 were weird things that other kids had, things i didn't 'get' but was intrigued by. for me the original xbox is a symbol of those days, the weird game machine with the green x that my cousins had. i was expecting superb melting graphics but i'll give this creation a 3/5

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I've noticed that on some

I've noticed that on some browsers (specifically some instances of Chrome), the special effects don't work in my games, which sounds like what happened to you. The bacon is supposed to cook and the Xbox is supposed to get melty like in the picture. I don't know why the issue happens, so I don't know if it's something fixable or not. Maybe it's some disabled setting in your browser? I would recommend trying it again on another browser.

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ah ok. The effects don't

ah ok. The effects don't work in Chrome but i just tried in internet explorer and they work.

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I remember having to do this

I remember having to do this to my xbox 360 to get around the red ring of death issue. who knew it would be commemorated so well?

i love your games tin man

i love your games tin man