For My Sister's 44th Birthday

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I laughed so hard making the audio files for this game that I gave myself a headache.

My sister celebrates her birthday today, and I usually send her something to let her know I care. This year, I made a video game. She normally doesn't play these things at all, so I made one of the simplest games I could think of. You can't really lose. Just run around and listen to yourself yell until you finally collect the required number of drinks.

Click the left mouse button on the ground to move the lady (my sister) and collect 44 Bloody Marys.


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I hope she likes her

I hope she likes her present. I'd love it if someone made something like this for me.

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Her Reply:

"Of course I let the bugs touch me... You know I suck at games so I was dying lol"

...Mission accomplished. :)

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lmao this is such a good

lmao this is such a good b-day present to give